Barret Chromsfell

A 5'11'' dark skinned Bodger with a mechanikal arm


Level: 3
Race: Human
Size: Medium
Class: Cleric 1/Bodger 2
Strength- 11
Dexterity- 11
Constitution- 14
Intelligence- 18
Wisdom- 12
Charisma- 15
Fortitude- 5
Reflex- 3
Willpower- 2
Base Attack Bonus: 2
Speed: 30 feet
Initiative: 0
Grapple: 1
Hit Points: 20
Standard- 13
Flat Footed- 10
Touch- 10
Mechanikal Arm Stats:
Hit Points- 5
Strength- 10
Dexterity- 8
Hardness- 10
Spell Failure- 60%
– Medkit: can heal 1d8 of damage on non- mechanical beings
Feats & Special Abilities:
Name | Description
Blodging | add 1/2 of class to all craft skill checks
Jackwrenching | roll 1d4 for turns repairs last
Evasion | take no damage on all reflex saves if successful on rolls
Tinkering | standard and mechanikal traps can be disabled with disable device skill
Steamo |fire resistance +4
Demolish |add 1d6 to any attack rolls against machines or mechanikally comprised individuals
Skill Focus| add 3 to skill check (craft(mechanika))
Mechanik’s Wrench
– Damage: 1d6
– Crit: 2x
– Range: close
– Type: B/P
– Special Properties: Double Weapon
Armored Apron
– AC Bonus: 2
– Type: Light
– Max Dex Bonus: 4
– Speed: 30 feet
– Arcane Spell Failure: 15%
– Check Penalty: – 2
Reinforced Greatcoat
– AC Bonus : 1
– Type: Light
– Max Dex Bonus: 8
– Speed: 30 feet
– Arcane Spell Failure: 0%
– Check Penalty: 0
Mechanik’s Boots
Portable Flare Launcher
Launching Flare
Appraise: 6
Climb: 2
(clockwork): 8
(mechanika): 9
(small arms) : 8
(steam engine): 8
(cannoneer): 9
(tools): 8
Jump: 2
(local): 5
(mechanika): 9
(science): 5
(technical): 5
(natural): 5
(dungeoneering): 5
Open Lock: 7
(mechanik): 3
Ride: 5
Search: 6
Spot: 3


Barrett knew at an early age that he wanted to work with mechanika. He would often watch the steamjacks and mechaniks trudge through their daily labor and picture himself taking on their craft. He fancied himself a mechanist, molding iron and steam into powerful titans or intricate devices. But alas, he also knew at an early age that he had neither the motivation or money to fund the proper certification needed to work through the mechanists guild, and without that certification, he was nothing but an idealist with a wrench. So, like any idealist with a wrench, he decided to take up Bodging. Spelunking forgotten workshops and rummaging through the scrap yard, he made a living out of working iron and copper. It was during a particular expedition that he saw something that, till this day, he doesn’t believe really exists. It was an old steamjack in perfect working order. Given the many years he spent in both his adolescence and adult life, he had developed an eye for working mechanika. It was as he climbed the jagged walls of the dark and dilapidated workshop that he discovered another of life’s lessons in self reflection.

If you plan on climbing around wear a harness and don’t weigh more than the supports. With his 200 lbs build, it was a matter of time before something collapsed on him, and it was at that moment that the support beams he so rigidly clung to decided to give. He plummeted into and through the floor, into the city’s working track gears. Luckily, he managed to swing his body to avoid being crushed by the giant gears, his left arm did not share the same fate. Before passing out from shock and pain, he heard the crunch and squish of bone, muscle, and skin as the gear tore off his arm and smashed it.

With a large hospital bill and a pieced together mechanikal arm, he continues to scour around in search of jobs to pay off his debt and material to patch up his substandard grade arm. He keeps as special eye out for the workshop that contains the one that got away, his mysterious steamjack. Along his journey, he discovers an friend he grew up with, Leslie. She, unlike himself, grew up in a moderately wealthy family of mechanists and engineers. Steam work being the family trade, she was groomed to become a mechanik and would often venture into the lower workings of the city with him and the other children. After a brief period of catching up, she took quite an interest with his notions about how he lost his arm to an accident involving a steamjack lost in the lower quarters. Spurring an old flame that had long since been snuffed out by the class division and his inferiority complex, he agreed to take her along as he looked for the workshop in question.

After several years of searching, they had not gotten any closer to finding the mysterious machine, but they had found something else. Barrett had grown to respect Leslie more and more as a mechanist. Though he had the skills to find and piece together scrap into working equipment, it was her who would prove to be invaluable. With her quick wits and handiness, she would contribute to their bodged arsenal of tools. She also had a knack for restoring old steam works, a skill that he found difficult to obtain on his own, but managed to pick up from her on the field and during private lessons. She had managed to bodge together a lift and access hatch in the back of her family estate behind a series of steam engines so that they could quickly and silently come and go as they pleased. She would often spend her nights out with him for overnight expeditions where they would sleep together beside the many gears and clockworks of the city.

Eventually, they managed to find a lead. A bodger had uttered some information about a workshop that couldn’t be accessed due to its foundation being destroyed. It didn’t take long for them to piece together that his nasty spill lead to the workshop caving in and hiding amongst the scrap. He and Leslie packed for their most dangerous journey yet. After a solid week of digging, climbing, and building, they managed to make it to the remains of the workshop. Inside, buried under piles of scrap and large gears was a steamjack sitting in a small hole beneath the wreckage. They spent days clearing out and harnessing the wreckage before they uncovered the steamjack. It was on that final day, after it was uncovered and they assessed the damage that Leslie took off. Claiming to have the proper tools to get it started, she left Barrett to protect their find.

Several hours after her departure, several groups of bodgers and mechanists who’s guild licenses had been revoked showed up wanting the machine. Fights broke out and Barrett found himself in a free for all over the damaged machinery. After an hour of fighting, the city guard arrived, spearheaded by Leslie, who in her absence had alerted them to their find and claimed the rights to it from the steam & iron works union. With that, the bodgers disbursed and Barrett was given the option of either relinquishing the machine without a fuss and the charges for public disturbance would be dropped or go to court and fight a losing battle against the union for rights to the machine and the charges against him.

Feeling the anger boil up inside him, he lashed out with his wrench and the several bodged together pistols he found lying around where the previous attackers had dropped them. He didn’t land a shot. After fighting for a few minutes, one of the guards took a cutlass to his mechanikal arm and damaged several of the gears that controlled his hand. Leslie pulled out a pistol and shattered his arm’s frame. Weighing his options, he decided to give up the steamjack and make a run for it. After the whole debacle, Leslie used the steamjack discovery to take a high ranking position in the union as a delegate and took over the family business, expanding her family owned mechaniks shop into a series of chains. Barrett continued his bodging, even after he received word that Leslie had given him a recommendation to join the union and payed for a certification test for him. He denied her offer and plots to take back that steamjack, and kill Leslie.

Goals: Rebuilding The Bloated Gasbag (pub), taking back the steamjack that lead to mutilation, killing Leslie Bronsewick

Barret Chromsfell

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