Bodging Rules

Bodging (Iron Kingdoms Character Guide, pg 97)

A bodger may add 1/2 of their bodging class level to any craft skill checks when repairing mechanika.

Bodged tools: any tools that modify skill checks (such as periscopes) are only useful for 10 minutes of use or four successful skill checks, after which they break permanently. Bodged equipment confer a -2 to any checks and rolls that require their use.

Bodging requires the proper parts be found before construction, so it takes a number of rounds equal to the craft DC to find parts for bodging. If and when parts are gathered, the bodger must make a search check to identify the right parts for the job( DC 15). This will continue until he gives up or finds the parts.

The actual construction requires a number of rounds equal to the craft DC, once done the bodger makes a craft skill check to assess his work. If unsuccessful, the bodger may have one more try to fix the bodged equipment/tool, if failed again, the parts used deteriorate beyond use and he must search for more parts, repeating the process above.

The DC on crafted tools is dependent upon the nature of the tool crafted.

DC Chart
DC | Tool Type
+2 | Per size larger than tiny, one handed weapons, small weapons
+4 | Two handed or Ranged Weapons
+6 | Any item too big to be used by a creature of medium size
+10 | Simple tool or weapon (stuck door opener, crossbow)
+15 | Complex tool or weapon (periscope, makeshift firearm)
+20 | Outlandish tool or weapon (self propelled vehicle)

Repairing Equipment:
Normal repairs cost 1/5 of the materials needed to craft the equipment, bodged repairs cost 1/10. If scourged parts are used, further decrease the cost to repair to determine the cost of repairs, multiply craft check roll by DC. Bodged repairs require one hour of daily maintenance, unless the device is complex like a steamjack which requires 1/5 the DC of additional hours to maintain.

Maintenance can occur in increments, but are neccessary to keep the device working. If not maintained, it will break again and require an additional repair roll to fix. Normal repairs without bodged parts will not require maintenance. When repairing a bodged machine, the DC increases by 5, 10 if the machine is complex.

A bodger usually has a stash of scrap parts for repairs if time is short, but sometimes can scrounge for the necessary pieces. This reduces costs and is only available in urban areas with scrap yards, refuse piles, and junkyards (unless DM states otherwise). Scrounging requires 1d4 hours of searching (DC 15). If successful, the cost of repairing and bodging is reduced by 25%.
If the success was 5 above the DC, the bodger has discovered a goldmine of parts and can make an appraise check (DC 12) to further reduce the costs by 35%. The scrounged parts make the tool unable to be sold however.

-DC on bodging tools: (refer to chart above)
-DC on scrounging for parts: 15 (DC 12 for appraise if 20 or more)
-DC on repairing steam engines: DC 15 (1/10 of cost for mechanika need to repair if parts not scrounged)
-Bodged equipment requires maintenance equal to 1 hour + 1/5 DC
-Bodged equipment adds 5/10 to repair rolls when repairing
-Normal repair and crafting costs 1/5 of mechainikal device.

Bodging Rules

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