items and searching

The Great Hunting Grounds are full of treasures and mysteries, what kind will you run into? In treads of metropoli, each body is searchable after an encounter, along with groups of chests/items and important areas. The dc checks for search are… Hidden from you. You’ll roll a search check, and your roll will put you in the DC bracket for a certain kind of loot. I will be rolling search checks and loot table checks. No you don’t get to see the tables.

I lied.

Search check DC

10 under nothing

10-15 minor loot(small cash, repair items,low chance trade goods)

15-20 med loot (med cash,improved ammo, trade goods)

20-25 major loot (major cash/trade goods, high ammo, improved weapon)
25-30 O.o Damn

items and searching

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