Sir Mobiius Ironcog

Adventurer and scholar


Str 12
Dex 14
Con 11
Int 15
Wis 13
Cha 13

Appraise: 3
Balance: 2
Bluff: 5
Climb: 2
Craft (Mechnika): 7
Craft (Cannoneer): 6
Decipher Script: 4
Diplomacy: 5
Disable Device: 5
Disguise: 1
Escape Artist: 2
Forgery: 4
Gather Info: 3
Hide: 4
Intimidate: 4
Jump: 2
Knowledge (Old Tech): 9
Knowledge (Local): 8
Knowledge (Nature): 5
Listen: 3
Move Silently: 2
Open Lock: 2
Profession (Pilot): 8
Search: 7
Sense Motive: 5
Spot: 3
Swim: 1
Tumble: 2
Use Rope: 2

Fortitude: 1
Reflex: 6
Will: 1
AC 13
Melee: Base attack +3
Ranged: Base attack +4

Proficiency Small Exotic
Mounted Combat +1
Weapon Proficiency Cannons
University Education

Cutlass: 1d6, 18-20 x2, weight 4, Slashing
Revolver: 2d4, 19-20 x3, range 40, weight 5, type Pierce, size tiny


Born in London, raised by the aristocracy and a lifetime scholar. Studied old-world tech at the Engineers Guild of London. The fact that these men dealt in such a ungentlemanly manner angered me. They would hide away and horde the technology from the past, never sharing it with anyone. I believe the past needs to be studied and learned from by all so that such conflicts do not happen again. My need for adventure began early on, always wondering what was beyond the city. I always wanted to explore the distant lands but was confined to London by my parents will. I showed sympathy toward those that were weaker than our city and the other citizens mocked me for it. One day, when I was about 15, a group of incorrigible engineers broke into my house and killed my my mother. I was so enraged that I threw my fathers favorite armchair at them smashing it to pieces in front of them. I grabbed one of the legs and murdered one of the boys out of anger. At that point I had to flee the city or face the death penalty so I stowed away on a merchant ship heading for Airhaven. There I joined up with a team of explorers, searching the wastes for artifacts of the old-world and making maps for use by the cities and traders. Me and the captain grew very close and he treated me like his own son. He taught me how to pilot and work with the various weapons that the ship was equipped with to defend against pirates. When I was 23 years old the captain told me that we were to deliver some of the maps and artifacts to London. This made me uneasy since i never told him what had happened there when I was younger. When we arrived I was quickly recognized by one of the engineers that had invaded my home and the police were on their way to arrest me. The captain would not give me up so we fled but as we did we were pursued by a law enforcement airship. A battle broke out and in the end we were victorious but the captain was gravely wounded and died not soon after we docked at Airhaven. After that day my sense of honor was greatly damaged. I cared not for the laws of society and decided to work in my own best interest and to only help those that helped me. I decided it was best I not continue to stay with the exploration team since I would only cause them more trouble. I did the only thing a fugitive could do and became a privateer looking for a crew to explore and recover artifacts with.

Sir Mobiius Ironcog

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